Upwardly Global Offers New Tech Training

Upwardly Global Offers New Tech Training


Upwardly Global (UpGlo) announces its Technology Employment Training Program. The nonprofit leader in the professional relaunch of highly educated newcomers to the U.S., implemented the programming addition in response to the national need for skilled workers in technology and IT.

“The tech program provides much of the same mentoring and job search training that we provide to all [participants] in our programs,” said Meghan Lewit, the company’s spokesperson.

Job Seekers

Job seekers will work with an UpGlo staff member who specializes in technology to develop a tech-focused resume, and connect with mentors at top firms.”

Lewit also shared that UpGlo’s partnership with Accenture and Skillsoft has grown to include more than 200 new online courses. While some continue to prepare newcomers in areas of general professional development, many focus on the new and in demand skills of Software Engineering, Network and Systems Engineering, Help Desk and Web Development.

The following infographic, developed with CareerBuilder and provided by Upwardly Global, illustrates how the current shortage of skilled workers on the US technology market can be filled by the country’s foreign born labor force.

STEM Infographic

For more on UpGlo’s training and employment services for foreign born professionals visit www.upwardlyglobal.org

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