Creating a Global Life: the TV Interview

Creating a Global Life: the TV Interview

Oscar RomeroLife In A New World

Tune in today at 10:00 am to watch Life In A New World on cable TV. Go to Bronxnet channel 34, if you have FIOS, or channel 68 on Cablevision. In this episode, you will meet three members of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research) and learn what they do to help you rebuild your life in the US, and develop an attitude that honors your whole self.

My studio interviewee is Oscar Romero, the facilitator of SIETARMetroNY, while intercultural entrepreneurs Cate Brubaker and Sabrina Ziegler join us via Skype. Cate is the founder of and Sabrina Zeigler is the educational designer behind

Today’s episode will also feature a new mini series: “Home Is…” with newcomers narrating the story of what home feels like in their shoes. Filipino-born artist Monica Lunot-Kuker and US-born worldtraveler Elisabet Cairo are part of this first installment.

Life In A New World: Creating a Global Mindset from Tiziana Simona Rinaldi on Vimeo.

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