The Maladie That Can Highjack Your Newcomer’s Dream

The Maladie That Can Highjack Your Newcomer’s Dream

Irene on LIANWIrene Javors

It’s hardly the topic of meet ups and cocktail parties, but disenfranchised grief, the type of sadness that can creep into someone’s life when profound feelings of loss or inadequacy are invalidated by societal norms, can wreck havoc. It can happen with the end of a relationship that others didn’t approve of, and it can also happen to a person who leaves his or her homeland behind to find that things don’t work out as expected in the new country.

“Who asked you to do it?” people may say after all.

In this interview Irene Javors, a psychotherapist who specializes in loss and the effect of culture on the psyche, talks about how to first acknowledge, then address, the adventure of rebuilding life in a new land, and how not to fall prey to our own doubts.

By its very nature, an uprooting event can expose newcomers to multiple vulnerabilities.  From the loss of familiarity, to the tolls or recreating supportive social circles and pursuing fulfilling professional opportunities, striking new roots can be daunting. With a frank and supportive approach, Javors helps the viewer understand the normalcy of this all-too-often misunderstood process and that, in the end, we are not alone. Cultures Notes

Irene is an Adjunct Professor in the Mental Health Counseling Program of the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University and the author of “Culture Notes: Essays on Sane Living,” available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book is a collection of writings on the confusion of modern life and the question: Have-we-all-lost-our-minds? She is a regular contributor to “Annals” the journal of the American Psychotherapy Association.

This interview aired on Bronxnet – Channel 68 Cablevision and 34 FIOS.

Life In A New World: When Disenfranchised Grief Highjacks Your Dream from Tiziana Simona Rinaldi on Vimeo.

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