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A New Plan for 2014: Upwardly Global Launches Online Job Training


Upwardly Global (UpGlo), a nonprofit that helps highly educated newcomers relaunch their career in the U.S., released an online training program that will vastly extend its reach.

The plan will spearhead change for many of the country’s foreign born professionals by leveraging technology and developing a network of community alliances.

Tadd Wamester, UpGlo’s Manager of Strategic Initiatives, talked with Tiziana Rinaldi about ushering in 2014 with a bigger vision.

Find out more visit UpGlo at www.upwardlyglobal.org

Life in A New World – Interview with Tadd Wamester of Upwardly Global [2] from Tiziana Simona Rinaldi [3] on Vimeo [4].

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